SCARAMOUCHE, Artisan ice cream maker

Scaramouche: in the footsteps of a poet

We are a family-based ice-cream company based in Provence in the village of Céreste. As fans of local flavors, we try to express them in adventurous and yummy ice creams. Everything starts in 2009 during holidays in Provence. My wife, Elizabeth Bard, New-York Time bestselling author of « Lunch in Paris », and I, Gwendal Auffret, a PhD in Computer Sciences working in the cinema business, get to Céreste, in the footsteps of the great poet and resistant René Char. We fall in love with the landscapes of the region and decide, on a sudden impulse, to settle down in the very house where Char lived.


An eventful journey

During our first year in Céreste, we discover the fantastic flavors of Provence and we take great pleasure in sharing our enthusiasm with our friends who come to visit. Slowly, I start considering that this pleasure in sharing tastes with people could be the basis for a new professional adventure.

In 2012, we decide that artisanal ice cream would be the best medium for this project. We had never made ice-cream before, mind you!

After a year of research and development, Scaramouche opens in 2013. With its the original flavors, it attracts quickly many quality ice cream fans. And by word of mouth, Scaramouche’s reputation is spreading fast !

In August 2014, we launch our Scaramobile Ice Cream Truck. TripAdvisor publishes its annual ranking of the top 10 French ice cream makers. Scaramouche is ranked 5th ex-aequo, which earned us the front page of La Provence and a report in the 19/20 of France 3 TV. In October 2014, Scaramouche receives the “Artisanal Excellency Award 2014” from the General Council of Alpes de Haute Provence and the Chamber of Commerce. We also received the National Assembly medal from the hands of Christophe Castaner, Congressman from Forcalquier.

In 2015, TripAdvisor ranked Scaramouche 3d ice cream parlor in France and we opened a new shop in Paris.

In 2016, Scaramouche is awarded the « Premium Artisan Ice Cream » label by the Federation of French Ice Cream makers, and France 2 National TV main news program broadcasts a whole report on Scaramouche, in order to explain how artisanal ice cream is produced.

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Where does the name « Scaramouche » come from?

« Scaramouche » (Georges Sydney, 1952) is one of our favorite movies. The brashness of this 1952 technicolor swashbuckling extravaganza, its constant humor, its sheer sense of entertainment, and even the description of the hero - « He was born with a gift for laughter and the sense that the world was mad » - sounded like an echo of our endeavor in Artisan Ice Cream making.

As René Char used to say: « Impose your chance, hold tight to your happiness and go toward your risk. Looking your way, they will follow. »

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An artisanal production made in Provence

We produce our artisanal ice creams and sorbets from raw milk, organic eggs, fresh herbs and fresh fruits. Our production depends on the season, the local fruit production… and the weather !

Our goal is to express through ice cream the extraordinary flavors of Provence. That’s why our Sorbets contain more than 50% fruits.

Scaramouche uses local suppliers and we know personally the producers we work with.

We are convinced that the economic development of a company, even a small one, can not be successful without taking into account its impact on the environment and the community that surrounds it.

Scaramouche therefore supports the local economy by working directly with the farmers of the region and by limiting the ecological impact of transport giving priority to local flavors.

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